With June being national safety month, it is crucial that employers stay up to date on their forklift safety.

 Here are a few safety tips.

*  Never exceed the lifting capacity of the forklift

*  Keep a safe distance from people and other forklift trucks

* Alert other forklifts of your presence with  your horn 

* Check your seat belts!

* Operators failing to fasten seatbelts while operating a forklift can result in a $200 fine to the operator.

Forklifts are capable of tipping over, an operator failing to wear his/her seatbelt can result in a critical injury or worse,  a fatality .

 This kind of accident can cost millions of dollars  Can your company survive this?

                                    Think about it .

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  1. Viola Hutchinson

    Great tips to keep top of mind.

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